Ranjeet Chunilal Kokani, Harshal Dinesh Gawale, Akash Aanata Pawar


Burfi is a popular khoa based confection and it contains a considerable amount of milk solids. The manufacture of value-added products by using muskmelon fruit which is rich in IU Vitamin A (3420), Vitamin C (26g) and Potassium (341mg). The present study was undertaken with the objective of developing Burfi with enhanced nutritional properties and acceptable sensory attributes. The product was prepared by using khoa (6% Fat), Muskmelon along with stevia powder in the ratio of T0 (95:00:05), T1 (45:50:05), T2 (35:60:05), T3 (25:70:05). Preparation of Burfi khoa taken in a pan adds muskmelon pulp and stevia, heating continuous stirring cum scrapping up to desired consistency then spreading on the butter paper and cut into a rectangular shape. The proximate analysis of prepared Burfi was analyzed Ash (3.2%), Carbohydrate (23.10%), Fat (16.54%), Moisture (19.20%), Protein (20.18%) and Carbohydrate (321.98 kcal). Sensory evaluation T2 received the highest scores (9) for color and appearance, texture (8.5), flavor (8.5) and taste (8) on 9 points Hedonic scale. It was concluded that the Burfi made from Muskmelon Fruit can be stored for 20 days in butter paper and aluminum foil at 50C Temperature. So the Burfi made from Muskmelon Fruit can satisfy the consumer in accepts and quality.


Burfi, Khoa, Muskmelon, Formulation, Sensory evaluation, proximate analysis, Storage study

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