• Dr. Hiren B. Patel Assistant Professor Maneklal Nanavati Law College, Ahmedabad


Gender, India, Inequality, Women, Men


Gender and Development aims to achieve gender equality. It does not imply that equal numbers of women and men (girls and boys) participate in development activities, nor does it suggest that women and men (girls and boys) are treated equally. The goal is not for women and men to be equal, but for their opportunities and life chances to be equal. Gender equality entails both men and women contributing equally to the creation of the society they desire. Gender equality refers to the fact that men and women in a society have the same status. This is not to say that men and women are identical, but rather that these similarities and distinctions be acknowledged. In this study, the researchers focus on gender inequality, legal action to address gender inequality, and the impact of gender disparity on society.


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