• Dr. Richa Aggarwal Assistant Professor, Education Department, DAV College, Sector 10, Chandigarh


In the history of last hundreds of years there have been great philosophers and thinkers on education. Guru Nanak Dev Ji is one of the thinkers whose valuable thoughts regarding education has left a significant mark on the concept of education. In today’s scenario, it appears that humanity is lost and there is a crisis called value crisis. Education for the sake of materialistic gains is taking up the place. The spirit of life seems to be missing. So, in this type of situation, Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s precious thoughts are very much necessary to be remembered and implicated in the field of education to reshape and reconstruct the society. A widespread awareness about Guru Ji’s thoughts is needed among the teachers of today and the would be teachers to deal with the young minds and hence shape the upcoming future. The present paper throws light on Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s general philosophy, place of education in his thoughts and his enlightened ideas on aims of education, practical approach towards education, contents in education, curriculum in education, methods of teaching and way of teaching. Apart from this, the true teacher as perceived by Guru Nanak is also discussed in the paper.


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