• Aditya Deshpande Computer Department, Marathwada Mitra , Mandal’s COE, Pune
  • Swapnil Deshpande Computer Department, Marathwada Mitra, Mandal’s COE, Pune
  • Rohan Kalgutkar Computer Department, Marathwada Mitra, Mandal’s COE, Pune
  • Omkar Mahadar Computer Department, Marathwada Mitra, Mandal’s COE, Pune


AWS, S3, EC2, EBS, RNA, Lambda, Pipeline, Genome


Bioinformatics administrations have been customarily given within the form of a web-server that is facilitated at organization foundation and serves numerous clients. The on demand, pay-as-you-go model creates a flexible and cost-effective means to access compute resources. This model, in any case, isn't adaptive enough to sufficiently manage with the expanding number of clients, expanding information measure, and modern necessities in terms of speed and accessibility of benefit. Genomic investigations incorporate an assortment of tools that address the worldwide changes of particular biological parameters. Genomic investigations that look at DNA, RNA, or protein levels give effective tools to characterize quality work. This paper provides information regarding facilitation of bio-analytic services using cloud-based platforms like AWS, Azure.These services involves tools like RNA-Seq Analysis Pipeline and Assembly Annotation Pipeline (Genome Assembly).


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