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Digitalization has played a vital role in flourishing the Indian economy. The biggest example is the job opportunities created in the country for youth. In addition to the above, “make in India” drive has given an immense push to youngsters to start new startups and think of creative ideas to contribute to digitalization of India. The government on its end is pushing and encouraging the Indian public to go cashless and reduce reliance on cash transactions. The purpose is to make us adopt digital payments. Digital transactions make us follow a legal path which is helpful to flourish the economy. Use of plastic money gives freedom as well as security to citizens of the country because it works on technical grounds. Digital payments will be helpful to the global world. Since cash is the primary mode of transactions in money laundering and terrorism funding, a digital society would discourage such laundering and terrorism. Digital infrastructure’s backbone is the availability of high-speed internet. With the introduction of better and faster mobile internet connections, the services through Digitalization have been delivered in an efficient way to the citizens of the country.


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