• Dr. B. Paulchamy Professor & Head, Department of ECE, Hindusthan Institute Of Technology, Coimbatore-32.
  • Akshay. P. K Final year students, Hindusthan Institute Of Technology, Coimbatore-32.
  • Gokulraj. M Final year students, Hindusthan Institute Of Technology, Coimbatore-32.
  • Ajith. A. K Final year students, Hindusthan Institute Of Technology, Coimbatore-32.
  • Ananth. R Final year students, Hindusthan Institute Of Technology, Coimbatore-32.
  • Manoj. K Final year students, Hindusthan Institute Of Technology, Coimbatore-32


Vision system, Image processing, MATLAB, Microcontroller, GSM module, IR sensor, Moisture sensor, Relay, DC motor


Day to day farmers facing main agricultural problems is weed effect, monsoon changes, and time conception. The traditional farming method is unable to improve the crop yield and does not solve farmer's day today problems. That's why the farmers start to implement the various technologies to achieve better yield, reduce the time conception and required man power. This paper represents the 3 in 1 prototype design based on Automatic Weed Detection and Sprayer System and Automatic Irrigation System with GSM Protocol. Based on their function, the prototype system has 3 processes in agricultural field. But the whole processes are simultaneously working together. This is the main advantage of this prototype system from traditional method. To achieve the new weed detection the plants must be classified into weeds and crops according to their properties. The algorithm like image processing is used to identify the crop and weed. The prototype system detects the weed, the smart sprayer effectively sprays the herbicide on the weed detected area [1]. The process continues at every specific time interval and it reduces the time consumption and required man power. The proposed system also consists of an automatic irrigation with soil moisture sensing sensor [14] and GSM protocol, the main advantage of the GSM protocol is that the farmer can control the both spraying and automatic irrigation system by sending a message to the proposed system.


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