• Jyoti Arora


School is an institution where students come to learn, for most of us is the beginning of our overall development as a human being begins. Students need to quench their thirst for knowledge and learning. That's one of the main goals which schools were established on, but nowadays we seem to have forgotten it. Today schools have become a place where students are assessed based on their marks in the examination; they are taught to be tested rather than shown so they can learn, which has led to an increase in stress among students aged 4 - 17.  That's why the author believes that it is a high-time art-integrated education in a school that needs to be implemented. In this paper, firstly, the author will present data and statistics on how there's an increase in stress among students, and how it has negatively impacted them. In the second part of the paper, the author will focus on different aspects of traditional education, and how the implementation of art-integrated education will help students achieve better results. At the end of the second, the author will provide a brief theory supported by research on how arts-integrated education has helped students. Lastly, the author will conclude the paper by stating that we are currently facing a major issue as stress is rising among students and why where the current education system has failed the students. That is why the introduction of art-integrated education will help students develop their young minds and help them achieve the main goal the institution of school was established.

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