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  • J. Madhavi Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, AP, India,
  • Kumar Ponnusamy Avalon University School of Medicine, Curacao, Central America,
  • Ramanaiah C. Jagarlamudi Amina Hospital,United Arab emirates,


Desquamation, Thrombocytopenia, Hemorrhage, Hypotension, Intracutaneous Langerhans cells, Apoptosis, Fluorescent antibody, Vasculopathy, Thrombopathy


The origin of the word dengue is not clear. It is believed “Cramp like seizure caused by evil spirit”. In Spanish, dengue were said to have the posture and gait of a dandy, and the disease was known as ”Dandy Fever”. Benjamin Rush, Coined the term "Break bone fever" because of the symptoms of myalgia and arthralgia.

260 peer-reviewed articles referred to dengue as "Poor man's disease. It is a severe life-threatening disease.."Dengue  is a mosquito-borne infection caused by a flavivirus.


Dengue fever is continuous or "saddleback" with a break on 4 th or 5 th day and then recrudescence; usually lasts 7-8 days  Classical dengue fever is characterized by the onset of fever, malaise, headache, facial flushing, retro bulbar pain that worsens on eye movements, conjunctival suffusion and severe back ace, which is a prominent symptom. Lymphadenopathy, petechiae on the soft palate and transient morbilliform skin rashes may also appear on the limbs with subsequent spread to involve the trunk Desquamation occurs. Cough is uncommon. Dengue fever syndrome is characterized by capillary leak syndrome, thrombocytopenia, hemorrhage, hypotension, and shock. It is characteristically a disease of children occurring most commonly in South-East Asia.  Over 100 million cases occur every year in the tropics with over 10,000 deaths from dengue hemorrhagic fever. Previously, dengue was seen in small children and DHF/DSS in children 2-15 years old, and most frequently in those 16-45 years of age or older in whom severe organ dysfunction is more common. Other epidemiological changes include the spread of dengue into rural communities and greater case fatality in women.


Like malaria epidemic, dengue fever epidemics depend on temperature.Dengue and chicken guinea are two important viruses causing febrile illness syndrome.


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