• Dr. Syed Azaz Ali Amjad Ali Assistant Professor, DSR College of Education (B.Ed. & M.Ed.), Aurangabad, Maharashtra


Development of India, Knowledgeable Culture, Importance of Education


The Government needs confidence that its research, science and technology investments will be rapidly and effectively exploited to make India a knowledgeable culture. This is more likely where sectors demonstrate their strategic thinking about the future through bold and dynamic innovation strategies and the Government is ready to be a partner in such bold and innovative strategies. Constituted a High Level Task Force for the broad areas of relevance cover Information Technology, Telecom Bio-Technology, Drug Design, Financial Services and Enterprise wide Management, Global Networking, Education requirements for developing a learning Society, Vibrant partnership between Government, industry and institutions, Economic and business strategic alliance built on capabilities and opportunities and setting up of an Education Development Finance Corporation for meeting the needs of deserving students. A focus on the knowledge base behind new and improved products, processes, systems and services will ensure that Government investment in science and technology and other core sectors of economy complements the role of private sector investment in generating wealth for India. This goal links to the Government’s aspiration to develop an enterprise economy.


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