• Ujjaya Rai PG Scholar’s OIST Bhopal
  • Rahul Dubey Asso Prof OIST Bhopal


Multi frequency, folded U-Slot, Via hole technique


A multi frequency Folded U-Slot microstrip antenna is design and validated in this paper. The proposed antenna consists of folded u-slot, square slot, with via hole technique, the results of all technique is shown in each section step wise, this technique enhance return losses for all three frequency 2.5GHz, 4.8GHz and 7GHz return losses are -17.5dB, -28dB,--27dB, respectively and gives compactness of 50% at frequency of 2.5GHz, The resonant frequencies of the proposed antenna are determined by transmission line model. The physical size parameters of proposed design is calculated using transmission line model, the multi frequency capability is obtained by adjusting the parameters of the proposed structure. The proposed antenna operates at 2.5, 4.8, and 7 GHz, respectively. The multi frequency capability useful in applications of Bluetooth, satellite communication. WLAN, Wi-Max.


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