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cloud computing, big data, data security, provable data possession, authorized auditing, fine-grained data updates


New concept in Information Technology is Cloud Computing, as it provides various scalable and elastic Information Technology services in pay-as-you-use basis, where the customers of cloud can reduce huge capital investments involved in IT infrastructure. Big data is an evolving term that describes any voluminous amount of structured, semi-structured andunstructured data, Cloud storage service is the cloud serviceswhich can provide a huge storage space to solve the bottleneck of the storage space of local end users, when the verification is done by a trusted third party, this verification process is also called data auditing and this third party is called an auditor, Compared to usersof conventional systems, cloud users need to surrender the local control of their datato cloud servers. Anotherchallenge for big data is the data dynamism which exists inmost big data applications. Due to the frequent updates, efficiency becomes a major issue in data management. As security always brings compromises in efficiency, it isdifficult but nonetheless important to investigate how to efficiently address securitychallenges over dynamic cloud data. Drawbacks First, a necessary authorization/authenticationprocess is missing between the auditor and cloud service provider, Second, although someof the recent work based on BLS signature can already support fully dynamic data updates over fixed-size data blocks, they onlysupport updates with fixed-sized blocks as basic unit, which we call coarse-grained updates.solutionsinevitably introduce a heavy computation overhead on the dataowner for key distribution and data management when finegraineddata access control is desired.



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