• Joydip Golder Ph. D Research Scholar, Department of Education, Burdwan University, West Bengal


Teacher behavior, College, Perception


The study sought to find out the relationship between how students perceive their teachers behavior. Stratified random sampling techniques were used 244 under graduate students studying at different college affiliated to Burdwan University, Burdwan, West Bengal. Students’ Perception on teacher’s behavior tool (SPTB) was used as tool for collecting data on students’ perceptions on teacher behavior.  A trial test of 40 students using split-half reliability test was carried out which yielded reliability coefficients of 0.72 for SPTB. Pearson Product Moment Correlation and t-statistics were used to answer the research questions and test the hypotheses. Findings show that the way students’ perceive their teachers’ in terms of knowledge of their subjects, personality, professional ethics ,communication ability, teaching methods and classroom management skills has a significant relationship with students’ attitude towards subject.


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