Dr. Sunaina S. Pamnani, Dr. Jyothsna V Setty, Dr. Ila Srinivasan, Dr. Lalitya Dandamudi


Objectives: To evaluate the knowledge and awareness of sports instructors and players aged between 8 to 18 years about facial trauma and protective devices.

Methods: A self completion questionnaire was handed over to twenty instructors and two hundred players with different set of questions, involved in various sports activities like taekwondo, karate, boxing, cricket, basketball, skating etc. from various sports academies in Bangalore.

Results: The results showed lack of knowledge amongst players and negligence regarding the use of protective devices whereas the sports instructors were well informed but did not recommend the use of these devices in their daily practices. Approximately 99% of the sport players and 95% of sports instructors agreed that sports related oro-facial injuries are common and it affects esthetics and psychology. Despite being instructed about the use of mouthguards only 28% of sports players were actually found incorporating it in their daily practice.

Conclusion: The prevalence and severity of injuries to the teeth, jaws and intra-oral and peri-oral soft tissues, concussions and neck injuries are prevented with the use of mouth guards. Despite their awareness, only 28% of players used mouth guards. Instructors were unaware about dentists being the specialist for fabrication of mouthguards.


Oro-facial trauma, Oro-facial protective devices, Mouth guards, Knowledge, Awareness.

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