• Nikita Soni Student, Computer, Universal College of Engineering, Mumbai, India-401212
  • Perin Shah Student, Computer, Universal College of Engineering, Mumbai, India-401212
  • Parth Rawal Student, Computer, Universal College of Engineering, Mumbai, India-401212
  • Prof. Sridhar Iyer Assistant Professor, Computer, Universal College of Engineering, Mumbai, India-401212


Internet of Things (IoT), Arduino UNO, Pollution Under Control (PUC), Trafficlog


The rapid growth in industrial plants creating environmental concerns like weather change, pollution has significantly influenced the need of an efficient, cheap, and smart monitoring systems. In this, we put onward a noise monitoring as well as air quality monitoring system that allows us to detect and quickly check air as well as sound quality. The sensors conjoin with microcontroller, which processes this records and transfers over internet. This lets authorities to observe air quality in different zones and take action contrary to it. In addition, authorities can keep an eye on the noise levels near universities, infirmaries and no hooting areas. Pollution under Control (PUC) deeds as a measure to handle pollution. Users need to register, notifications would be sent about expiry dates of PUC. Hence, the main aim of project is to develop an observation system for air pollution and sound pollution observing, warning, supervision and management.


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