• Samidha Vedabala Assistant Professor, Department of Music, Sikkim University, 5TH Mile Near IGNOU, Tadong, Gangtok, Sikkik – 737102
  • Sanjoy Bandopadhyay Professor, Department of Music, Sikkim University 5TH Mile Near IGNOU, Tadong, Gangtok, Sikkik – 737102


Musical preference, career in music, Youths’ involvement, Sikkim


Music has always been a matter of passion and life. But, studying it was never an upper-choice among the mass in the society. Sikkim is one of the culturally rich states of India. This is in the north-eastern regions of the country. Some universities in the state have recently introduced music programs. The present study is an attempt to examine the musical preferences of the students and study their aspirations towards music education.


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