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  • Dr. Anoj Ekka Asst. Professor, Department Of Geography, Loyola college Kunkuri, Dist.-Jashpur(C.G.) , India -496225.
  • Dr. Dinanath Asst. Professor, Department Of Geography, Loyola college Kunkuri ,Dist.-Jashpur(C.G.) , India -496225


Greenhouse, co2, radiation


We face Conflicts between human development and nature Capacity to Provide The resources for such development. This is a great paradox the countries that have most benefited from industrial development by producing greenhouse gases. The atmosphere surrounding the earth, heats the soil and the Plants also. Greenhouse is the body which allows the short wave length incoming solar radiation to come in but does not allow the long wave outgoing terrestrial infrared radiation to scope in a way and atmosphere energy going up. Green house where co2 acts as like a glass windows. Co2 and water Vapors in the atmosphere transmit short wave length solar radiation but reflect the longer wave length heat radiation from warmed surface of the co2 molecules are transparent to sunlight but not to the heat re action .So the trap and re enforce the solar heat stimulating an effect which is properly known as Greenhouse effect.


I. Green House Gays global warming. by Dr. Lallan Singh.

II. Environmental chemistry – by B. K. Sharma.

III. Environmental Geography Dr. Y. K. Sharma.

IV. Environmental Studies Dr. Ratan Joshi.

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