• Dr. G. Vengatesan Assistant Professor, PG & Research Department of Commerce (CA), Hindusthan College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore.
  • Mr. T. Deepan II.M.Com (CA), PG & Research Department of Commerce (CA), Hindusthan College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore.


Internet, Consumer Satisfaction, Online, Shopping etc


In the era of globalization and with the wonderful expansion of the Internet, various businesses have globalized their sales and marketing efforts for their products and services all through the net. Over the decades maximum business organizations have been providing various products like books, hardware, software, toys, household appliances etc to their customers through online. Online shopping is the process of buying and selling of the goods and services through online. Unlike traditional marketing, online marketing has many advantages like global reach, availability of wide variety and cheaper products, 24X7 timing etc. If online retailers know the factors affecting Indian consumer’s buying behavior they can further develop their marketing strategies to convert potential customers into active ones. Customer satisfaction is the key factor for customer retention and acquisition in online shopping system.

Customer satisfaction with respect to online shopping is the extent to which customer’s perception of the online experience confirms their expectation. The internet has played a significant role in our daily life in that people can talk through the internet to one who is actually on the other side of the Earth, can send email around the clock, can search information, can play game with others, and even can buy things online.


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