• Dinesh Kumar (MBBS,MD), HOD, Department of radiology , shah satnam ji speciality hospitals, Near Shah Satnam Ji Dham, dera sacha sauda, sirsa ,haryana-125055
  • Menakshi (MBBS,MD), Consultant medicine, shah satnam ji speciality hospitals, Near Shah Satnam Ji Dham, dera sacha sauda, sirsa ,haryana-125055


Neuro- behçet disease, mesodiencephalic junction, parenchymal


Behçet's syndrome is named after Turkish dermatologist HulsiBehcet, who, in 1937, described a syndrome of recurrentaphthous ulcers, genital ulcerations, and uveitis leading to blindness.Radiologically, neuro-behçet disease (NBD) usually involves the white matter, brainstem, basal ganglia and thalamus

We report a case of Behcet syndrome  with CNS manifestation with involvement of mesodiencephalic junction the most common neural parenchymaimaging feature described for the disease.


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