• S. Tanneeru Associate professor, Department of Periodontics, Narayana Dental College, Nellore. 524003
  • B. V. Ramesh Reddy Professor, Department of Periodontics, Narayana Dental College, Nellore. 524003
  • V. K. Chava Associate professor, Department of Periodontics, Narayana Dental College, Nellore. 524003
  • V. Sita Lakshmi Superintendent, Jublee Government Mother and Child hospital, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.


chronic periodontitis, adverse pregnancy outcomes, preterm birth, low birth weight, maternal infections, non surgical periodontal therapy


Background: Recent studies have shown periodontal diseases as risk factors for adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as preterm births and low birth weight.

Aim: The present study was designed to determine the effect of non-surgical periodontal therapy on pregnancy outcomes, in women with periodontitis and to detect IgM status in cord blood during delivery.

Design, Materials & Methods; 100 pregnant women with chronic generalized periodontitis in their 2nd trimester were selected and recruited for the study. They were grouped in to two: Treatment group Non-Treatment group. Periodontal parameters of all the subjects were recorded at baseline and after delivery. Data related to weight of infant and type of delivery was recorded. During the delivery, cord blood was collected for the estimation of IgM antibodies. All the recordings were subjected for statistical analysis.

ResultS and Conclusion: The results of the present study evidenced association between maternal periodontitis and adverse pregnancy outcomes.


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