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The Modern State of Jammu and Kashmir came into being in 1846 consisting of three regions- Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh. It had seen many vicissitudes and subjugations for centuries together. Nonetheless, the political awakening and developments during the last decades of 20th century did provide rejuvenation, galvanization in the thoughts and minds of the populace who-wrote a new socio, economic and political fortunes of the state. Besides in its political landscape, the geo-strategic importance has had its impact from times immemorial whether in terms of colonialism, imperialism, later on by the cold war politics and now by the new emerging trends of globalization.National Conference emerged as the single largest party in 2008 elections but did not win sufficient number of seats to form government in the state on its own. Thus the result of the 2008 state assembly elections led to a hung assembly with the result another coalition government became a must. Once bitten twice shy, Congress was quick to support National Conference to a visible dismay and displeasure of other competitors. The Congress became the ally of National Conference in the formation of new coalition government. This paper will focus how NC and INC working with in Five Years ofCoalition.


Indian National Congress, National Conference, Political Parties, Political Awakening, Allan Octavian Hume in December 25, 1885, session of Congress, etc.

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