• Dr. Pubali Saikia Assistant Professor, Vidya Bharati College, Kamrup (Assam)


Problem, Promotional Agency


In Assam there are different types of promotional agencies for entrepreneurship development among women which included Nationalized Banks, Private Banks and other institutions. In this study, promotional agencies included Nationalized Banks, Private Banks, other banks and other agencies which not only provide financial assistance but also provide other supportive services for better performance of women entrepreneurs. The present study was conducted in the state of Assam. The total number of promotional agency was 32. Officials of promotional agencies reported that lack of knowledge on legal procedure of bank and poor participation in EDP training by women entrepreneurs to start an enterprise were ranked I and II respectively.


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Loan granting and its recovery problems on Commercial banks (a case study of first bank plc, ojoalaba branch ) file:///C:/Users/Dr.%20M.B.%20Deka/Downloads/LOAN%20GRANTING%20AND%20ITS%20RECOVERY%20PROBLEMS%20(1).pdf

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