• Dr. Sapna Sukrut Deo Assistant Professor, New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune, Maharashtra, India


Feature Selection, Metaheuristics, Swarm Intelligence, Classification, Big Data, Partical Swarm Optimization


We are using technology in every sphere of our lives. Then why teaching should be left behind. The age old practice of teaching that is a teacher coming to a class engaging lecture for an hour, at about the same time, chanting the canons is a regular feature of her one hour class. This all is quite boring also for the students. Few students just attend the class for the sake of attendance only. So it is really important to bring a change in the age old method of teaching. Since also now days we are experiencing that many colleges are setting up their campuses at outskirt of cities or there are few students whose colleges are in another city and have to travel such distance daily. Same is the case with teachers too. What will be situation if good education is very accessible?  It is possible through e-learning and e-teaching.

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