• Anuva Samanta Assistant Professor Vivekjyoti College, Panskura, Purba Medinipur
  • Manas Samanta Technical Assistant KRC, CSIR-NML, Burmamines, Jamshedpur


Open and Distance Education, Open and Distance Learning, West Bengal, UGC-DEB


Open and Distance Learning (ODL) is a system, where teachers and learners need not necessarily be present either at same place or same time. With the advancement of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) boundaries of classroom is becoming blurred and the ODL is become a popular medium of education. Open and Distance educational institutes offer all kinds of programmes ranging from vocational to general to professional to technical. This paper indented to find out the scenario of open and distance learning in West Bengal.  A methodological study finds outs different aspects of ODL in West Bengal.


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