• Puja Roshani Assistant Professor and Ph. D. Scholar, Jain University, Bangalore.
  • Dr. Chaya Bagrecha Professor and Head of the Department, Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology, Bangalore.


Nurses are the key healthcare providers and share primary responsibilities of patient care. The nursing profession is one profession which requires a lot of commitment, and the kind of challenges faced by the nurses is quite different from any other job. The nurses face challenges like working overtime, keeping themselves fit and healthy for the treatment of the patients, treatment of terminally ill patients, the risk of transfer of any contagious disease from patients, etc. The challenges faced by them can impact their overall well-being and their work life balance too. It hence becomes imperative on the part of the nurses and even the hospital management to measure the incidence of these challenges on the work-life balance of the nurses and also try to measure their effectiveness in their work. Just measuring the impact would not be enough but seeking remedies to overcome the same is also urgent since work-life balance is an important aspect of any individual and the organization too. In hospitals necessary measures should be taken on working conditions, organizational climate and work stress. So this study is an attempt to trace the challenges faced by nurses and their impact on their work life balance.


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