• V.Manimekalai Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Technology, Dr.N.G.P Arts & Science College, Coimbatore 641048.
  • R.Suresh Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Technology, Dr.N.G.P Arts & Science College, Coimbatore 641048.


Clustering, Fermentations, Cross-validation, k-means algorithm, Bi-cluster


This survey covers some very recent applications of data mining techniques in the field of agriculture. This is an emerging research field that is experiencing a constant development. In this paper, we first present two applications in this field in details; in particular, we consider the problem of discovering problematic wine augmentations at the early stages of the process, and the problem of predicting yield production by using sensor data information. Secondly, we briefly describe other problems in the field for which we found very recent contributions in the Scientific literature.


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