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  • Prof. (Dr.) Shiv Kumar Verma Department of Computer Science & Engineering Glocal University, State Highway 57, Mirzapur Pole, Saharanpur-247121, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA


Data mining, Cancer Diagnosis, Cancer Prognosis, Medical Analysis


The extent of data in the area of real life is escalating with the passage of time. So, to excerpt knowledge from such plenty of data is really very much imperative. So to deal with such a huge data and excerpt knowledge is indeed a very convoluted task. In the area of computer science data mining have a number of techniques to deal with such a plenty of data and provide the fruitful excerpt to the user with only a few effortless steps. Such techniques are pertinent to all the field of science. Various research review had been published regarding the applicability of data mining in assorted field of Sciences as like education, banking, insurance, life science, marketing, telecommunications, medicines etc. For the diagnosis of a diseases a number a variety of distinct test had been suggested from the patient. But by the successful data mining approaches such a number of tests can be curtail. Here in this probe we tried to lend and evaluate how various techniques of data mining can be used for prophecy and diagnosis of dominant cancer affliction.


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