• Sarika Chaudhary Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE/IT, Amity School of Engineering & Technology Amity University, Haryana, India


Attacks, Internet of things, Privacy, Risk, Security


Internet of Things (IoT) are all over in our daily life. They're utilized in our homes, in hospitals, deployed outside to control and report the changes in setting, forestall fires, and much more helpful practicality. However, all those advantages can return of a large number of risks including privacy loss and security problems. To secure the IoT devices, several analysis works are conducted to step those issues and realize an improved thanks to eliminate those risks, or at least minimize their effects on the user’s privacy and security requirements. In the first section IoT devices are discussed. The second one will present IoT device limitations and in third section the classification of attacks on IoT are discussed. The last section can focus on the security of IoT in different layers.


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