• Santhosh Kumar K G Dept. of ISE, BMS college of Engineering, Bangalore, INDIA – 560 019.
  • Jayarekha P Associate professor, Dept. of ISE, BMS college of Engineering, Bangalore, INDIA – 560 019.


Integrated development environment, Mobile application, Network address translation


The Smart inventory management system is an application which is used for the data maintenance of different telecom network elements. The main objective of this inventory application is to give efficient and easy access of all elements. It includes the web interface and mobile application for the accessing of elements data by user. It has the centralized database to store information about the elements. Here database used is mongodb. The mobile application is used here to send the information to centralized location and retrieve the information from the same location. QR code reader is integrated with the application for the fast access of different elements. QR code is pasted and scanned to get the information about the elements. The database can be accessed by the mobile application which is stored in the local network. Mobile application is assigned with the public IP (Internet protocol) address which will redirect to private IP address by using network address translation. The firewall is will be maintained to ensure the secure transfer of data. The intermediate IDE (Integrated development environment) eclipse is used between application and the database. The apache tomcat server will be used in eclipse. Mobile application will get the data with the help of tomcat server. It also has the web interface which shows the elements details. Every information about elements which was added by the mobile application will be reflected in the web interface. This results in an easy management of network elements by using the different technologies.


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