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The world is full of master slave Telemanipulator where the doctor's masters the console and the assessment arm perform the operations, i.e. these robots are passive robots, what the world needs to focus is that in use of these passive robots we are acquiring doctors for operating these console hence the utilization of the concept of robotics is still not fully utilized ,hence the focus should be on active robots , THERMAL IMAGINGASSIST HAND use the similar concept of active robotics where this anthropomorphic hand focuses on the autonomous assist and scanning operation. Fingers of TI-AH (THERMAL IMAGING-ASSIST HAND) will work as a transducer as well as a actuator i.e. it will have tactile, force, pressure sensor rooted to it so that the mechanical mechanism of force, pressure and physical presence on the external subject can be maintained, conversely our main focus is on the concept of “blue print of biorobt, scanning and assist performed through it”.


Bio-robot, Dexterity, Grasp, Thermal imaging

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Bio mechatronic Design and Control of an Anthropomorphic Arti-

cial Hand for Prosthetic and Robotic Applications

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Department of Signals, Control and

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Technical University of Athens, Greece

General, Laparoendoscopic and

Robotic Surgical Clinic, Athens

Medical Centre, Greece

*Correspondence to: G. P. Moustris,

Department of Signals, Control and

Robotics, School of Electrical and

Computer Engineering, National

Technical University of Athens,

Zographou Campus, Athens,



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Abhit Kumar

* Biomedical Department, Babu Banarasi Das National Institute of

Technology & Management, Lucknow, India

FLIR SOLUTION SERIES to detect elevated body temperature.


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