Mr. Jeetendra Ahirwar, Ms. Antara Banerjee


Road construction is a significant part of the construction industry in India.The roads in India is prone to the drainage problem during the rainy season or any other factor throughout the entire year. Thus the subgrade of pavement is severely destroyed by the penetration of water through the surface layer. In this study experimental analysis like compressive strength test, permeability test etc is performed on the pervious concrete to determine the suitability of this concrete to reduce this drainage problem. The result shows that the average compressive strength of pervious concrete is 9.75-11.11N/mm2 and has a permeability of 0.31cms-1 hence this concrete can be used in sideways or pathway or footpath. It has the capacity to stop water clog on the pavement surface and easily drain off the same from sideways.


Porous, Concrete, Pavement, Drainage, subgrade, pathway

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