Rajwa H. Essa, Hadel K. A. Al_Zubaidi, Khetam H. Rasool, Nadheema H. Hussein


Methods:One hundred and fifty urine and  blood specimens are collected  from pregnant women infected by urinary tract  infections from the maternity hospital in Arbil and Al-Alwaiya hospital for  maternity in Baghdad for the period time from December 2012 to March 2013,  the samples are taken  from pregnant women with age ranging 20  to 35 years , as it has been to isolate and identify Gram-negative bacteria from urine samples of  pregnant women  with UTI in addition to study the effect of the third trimesters of pregnancy on the incidence of the infection during pregnancy. The results showed different bacterial isolates with different percentage.

Diagnoses of these isolates by microscopicexaminationand by using  biochemical tests, Api 20 E and Vitek2 system  , knowingtheir sensitivity toanti-bacterial antibiotics,alsoserotyping classification of the bacteriaPseudomonas aeruginosa,study of some immunological parameters ofserum pregnant women included  measurement of level antibodies (IgG,IgM,IgA) and level of complement (C3,C4) by using single radial immune diffusion method (SRID) the study also included measurement of level of C-Reactive Protein for pregnant women with UTIs.

Results:One hundred and eight pregnant women are infected by different Gram-negative bacteria Characterized ( 53) isolates Eschirchiacoli  then followed by  in second rank (23) isolates Acinetobacterbaumannii, (14)isolates Klebsiellapneumoniae,  (12) isolates for Proteusmirabilisand later  (6) isolates for Pseudomonas. aeruginosa.Forty-two(42)ofpregnantwomenshow absence of anybacterialinfections.Examine thesensitivity ofantibioticsforeach bacterial isolates causes ofurinary tract infectionin pregnant womenshowedhigh resistance tobothciprofloxacin(86.5%) and also Trimethoprim(79.3%), while the study showed low resistance   for each ofTobramycin (21.3%) and also Norfloxacin(23.7%).Multiple  serotypes  of  P. aeruginosa   (O:11, O:9, O:11, O:11, O:9 and O:10) for each (P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6) respectively , confirmdifferent  distribution and frequent  spread of serotypes.

High levels of immunoglobulines for IgG(2180.6± 28.4), IgM(286  ±  7.2), IgA  (503.3 ±12.4) where there are significant differences at P<0.05 compared with control.
High levels ofcomplementfactor foreachofC3(204.3 ±7.9) andhighC4(53 ± 2.8)  showedthe existence ofsignificant differencesat P <0.05when comparedwith thecontrol.

An increase in thenormativepregnantpatientsforC-Reactive Protein showedanincreaseas months of pregnancy period progress and thedifferencesappearedhighly significantat P <0.01 inthelastthreemonthsofpregnancy, while significant differenceswerelowerat P <0.05 for each ofthefirstsixmonthsofpregnancy.


Urinary Tract Infection, pregnant women,sensitivity test ,immunological parameters.

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