• Ganesh Gupta Assistant Professor, ASET, Amity University Haryana ,Gurugram(Manesar),India - 122413
  • Dr. Khushboo Tripathi Assistant Professor, ASET, Amity University Haryana ,Gurugram(Manesar),India - 122413.


Ransomware, Bitcoin, CryptoWall, CryptoViral, Zeroizes


Ransomware is a serious and growing cyber security issue. It has potential to inflict serious financial harm on an organization while damaging reputation and utility. Due to this attack daily 4000 average number of individuals are affected only in United States. Medical practices are a prime target for this attack because of the quantity and value of their data. The objective of this paper is to create awareness among less skilled computer users by providing cyber safeguard knowledge and regular updating practice of prevention techniques.     


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