• Afrin M Sheikh Master of Technology, Parul Institute of Engg. And Technology, Parul University-Vadodara
  • Sumitra Menaria Assistant Professor, Parul Institute of Engg. And Technology, Parul University-Vadodara


E-commerce, Security, data mining, web mining


Web Mining is an extensible and very important area of the Data Mining which deals with the extraction of interesting knowledge from the World Wide Web, It can be categorised majorly into three types i.e. web content mining, web structure mining and web usages mining.This paper is based on e-commercial web sites how to use web mining techniques for providing security and better access on e-commerce web sites. The connection between web mining,security and e-commerce analyzed based on user behavior on web.Based on customer behavior different kind of web mining algorithms like page rank algorithm and trust rank algorithm is used for developing web mining framework in e-commerce web sites.We have developed Encryption technique to provide security on e-commerce web site.


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