Jitendra Narkhede, Omkar Kulkarni, Abhijit Shelke, Manoj Patil, Mayur Gorane


Road transport in one of the most important mode of transport. Thus, the vehicle safety is essential. Accidents are also increasing at a quick pace. There are several factors who contribute to this problem. Improper inflation of tires is one of them.Under inflated tires results in increased rolling resistance,loss in fuel economyand increased tire wear which results in decrease in tire also affects the vehicle performance and vehicle handling characteristics. Increased tire wear may result in tire bursting which may lead to fatal accidents. Studies show that majority of vehicles run with at least one underinflated tire.

This paper suggests a new technique to try to solve this problem. By providing a vehicle mounted tire pressure monitoring and pressure maintaining system with the use of a compressor. This system will keep a check on the pressure in each tire and will try to maintain the proper pressure on the fly. Thus, keeping the tires properly inflated and reducing the problems associated with the under inflation. In case of a small puncture in tire the system will use the compressor to maintain the pressure of a tire. This will allow to drive a punctured vehicle safely until the puncture can be fixed. This simple and efficient technique is explained below.


Safety, Under inflated tire, Compressor.

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