• Supreet Kaur Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science
  • Amanpreet Singh Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Security Issues, Cloud Security, Cloud Architecture, Data Protection, Cloud Platform


Cloud computing is model which uses combine concept of “software-as-a-service” and “utility computing”, provide convenient and on-demand services to requested end users. Security in Cloud computing is an important and critical aspect, and has numerous issues and problem related to it. Cloud computing is architecture for providing computing service via the internet on demand and pay per use access to a pool of shared resources namely networks, storage, servers, services and applications, without physically acquiring them. So it saves managing cost and time for organizations. Many industries, such as banking, healthcare and education are moving towards the cloud due to the efficiency of services provided by the pay-per-use pattern based on the resources such as processing power used, transactions carried out, bandwidth consumed, data transferred, or storage space occupied etc. Using of cloud computing, the software programs aren’t run from one’s personal computer, but are rather stored on servers accessed via the Internet.


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