Dr.B. Paulchamy, Ms.T. Sivamani, M. ArunKumar, V. Deepak Vignesh, G. Gowtham, M. Gowtham, G. Diveendaran


This paper presents an smarttraffic control system to pass emergency vehicles smoothly. For implementing intelligent Traffic control for Congestion, Ambulance Clearance, and stolen vehicle Detection. Each separate vehicle is arranged with special radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, which makes it impossible to remove or destroy. Here we using RFID reader, and PIC16F877A system-on-chip to read the RFID tags attached to the vehicle. It counts number of vehicles that passes on a particular path during a specified duration. It also determines the network congestion, and hence the green light period for that path. When an ambulance is approaching the junction, it will connect to the traffic controller in the junction to turn ON the green light. This uses RF modules and PIC16F877 and a system-on-chip for wireless communications between the ambulance and traffic controller. The prototype was tested under different combinations of inputs in our wireless communication laboratory and experimental results were found as expected.


RF module, GSM, PIC16F877, Ambulance clearance and stolen vehicle, congestion control, Traffic junction.

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