Prof. P. S. Nawghare, Priyanka Gogawale, Aishwarya Bhosale, Sampada Thorat, Payal Gambre


Secure Multi Owner Transaction System Using Visual Cryptography (VC) aims at providing a facility to make secure banking transaction  for corporate world. It has the flexibility to allow request of transaction from any remote place, even when key stakeholders of transaction process are not available at workplace. This is enabled by implementing the VC in Secure Multi Owner Transaction System. The transaction  is proceed in full confidentiality by applying appropriate security measures to allow the owners to agree for any participating owner only if he logs into the system by entering the correct password which is generated by merging the two shares (Black & White dotted Images)using VC scheme. Owners will get the secret password to perform his transaction successfully by combining all shares according to the number of owners using VC .Visual Cryptography (VC) is a secret sharing scheme in which an image is converted into shares. No information can be revealed by observing any share (Black & White dotted Image). The information about the original image (Voter Password) will be revealed only after stacking sufficient number of shares. There are various schemes present in VC, 2 out of 2, k out of n, n out of n, etc. In the proposed method, IVS with n-out-of-n VC has been used for an efficient authentication  system. Even if the hacker gets one share of the password, it is impossible to get the other share of the password, as it will be sent to the E-Mail Id of the owner. Thus Our system provides two way securities to the banking transaction, which is very much in need.


Multi-Owner Transaction ,Secure Share Scheme, Visual Cryptography

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