Amit Mohan Sharma, Komal Chopra


The purpose of this research is to highlight the various aspects which lead to the preference of multiplexes over single screen theatres. The survey would be conducted across a minimum of ten malls across Pune. A questionnaire would also be floated online as well in order to know the opinion of the public as a whole. Primary data was collected through a structured questionnaire using mall intercept technique at malls in Pune. The consumer preference was captured using a rank order scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the most preferred and five being the least preferred. Convenience sampling technique was used to collect the data. A null hypothesis was constructed keeping in mind various variables and factor analysis technique was used to test the hypothesis. The study will help mall managers to identify various factors which lead to the preference of multiplexes over single screen theatres.


cinegoers, multiplex, movie

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