Yogesh Meena, Akshat Gupta, Sayali G. Joshi, Bhakti Phondekar, Prof. ABHISHEK NIMBEKAR


The vision of this paper compile the development of infrastructure & smart urban in India.
The analysis over the approach of smart city centers to an action of line for implication of urban planning serving to the sectors of infrastructure, significantly impacts the other factors such as social environmental & structural economy, focusing into improvements for future scenarios. An urban moment where India heads for a modernity globalization and power of economic movement.

 The spatial scheduling relies on particular factors for example Social network, information & Communication technology which effects on urban fabrication etc. The conceptualization of smart city clutches various definitions resting on word “smart”; omnipresent city, rational city, digital city, comprehending city & knowledge city. Smart city comprises of many definitions in own words of each person defining smart city. No certain definition has allotted for it. The common terminology such as Digital city and Smart city are used to direction city smartness. A smart city enhances the life of citizens with an ease for their routine work, providing efficient, reduced cost & a direct interaction with urbanite or metropolitan.

Paper elaborates about the benefits to economy, implementation cost & various confrontations towards Smart city. Building a smart city is another step towards generation of urbanization developing the efficiency, authenticity & security city. New era has caught up with a new idea “SUSTAINABALE URBAN DEVELOPMENT” and this idea adds a new gateway to urbanization which needs to update existing cities.


Smart urban development, Digital city, ICT, Economic, Social.

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