• Miss. Minakshi Y.Tundurwar Research Scholar, Department of Education, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur.
  • Dr. Rajesh S Chandanpat Guide, Dean Faculty of Education, GondwanaUniversity,Gadchiroli.


Personality, OBC students and ST Students


In this research the personality of students studying in tribal area has been studied. For the above said research students from 23 schools belonging to 12 different tahsils of Gadchiroli district has been selected, being Gadchiroli in a tribal district.  600 students were selected as a sample out of which 300 students were belonging from Other Backward Class (OBC) and 300 students were belonging to Schedule Tribe (ST).  Students used as a sample were boys and girls from 8th and 9th standard.  From collection of data cattell's High School Personality Questionnaire (HSPQ) FROM 'A', depending on 14 personality factors was used which translated by S.D.Kapoor, S.S.Shrivastava and G.N.Shrivastava (1930).  As mentioned in the HSPQ manual all the scores were evaluated and Total, Mean, Raw score, Stan score were calculated.  For comparison of Other Backward class and Schedule Tribe students, standard deviation and T-score were calculated and its significance was checked.


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