• Jadhav Aparna B.E Student, E&TC Dept, JSPM’s BSIOTR ,Pune, India.
  • Phulari trupti B.E Student, E&TC Dept, JSPM’s BSIOTR ,Pune, India.
  • Sakhare Rupali `B.E Student, E&TC Dept, JSPM’s BSIOTR ,Pune, India.
  • Prof.S.B.Deokar Asst. Professor ,E&TC Dept ,JSPM’s BSIOTR, Pune ,India.


Vehicle Tracking, Locking, microcontroller, GPS, GSM


Vehicle security system is a very important topic over the years. due to the increasing vehicle theft cases reported all over the world. Many vehicle security system is suitable for the four wheelers but for two wheelers, the systems available in market are of no match to the well equipped thieves. When under attack, these system can only immobilize the engine and sound a loud alarm. It is a serious limitations. In our paper ,we focused on security and tracking the vehicle by using Advanced GSM and GPS. In our project new features are added in addition to the engine immobilizer and sound alarm. Important features supported by our system are alerting owner by SMS about the theft attempt , allowing user to control the system remotely by SMS ,tracking the locations of vehicle using GPS technology, Remote Keyless System. Our system is designed to be compatible with almost all the brands of vehicle.


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