Nilesh Dumbre, Omkar Chikane, Gitesh More


Agriculture in today’s life is not like as our forefather done. The strong Climatic changes due to many reasons like global warming cause difficulty to understand climatic conditions. So the farmers unable to understand which crop to select by which the production will improve. By understanding soil and climate conditions by using these data mining system farmers will be able to take right crop at right place which will improve yields. So it is easy for farmers to decide which crop to take in unpredictable climate conditions.

This project will help to solve these agriculture problems using data mining algorithms. Algorithms like Genetic Algorithm (GA), Association Rule Mapping (ARM). Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) is the centroid of this project from which we can really understand the concept of data mining.

Keywords- Data Mining, Genetic Algorithm, Association Rule Mapping, Knowledge Discovery in Databases.

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