• Dr.Tamanna Kaushal Assistant Professor, Department of Education, SLBSRSV, New Delhi-16.


Scientific knowledge and technological skills play a significant role in shaping the contemporary world scenario. These advancements are a consequence of higher education leading to the genesis of what is known as a Knowledge Society. Education is one of the most crucial indices of socio-economic development. In India, higher education is of vital importance to build knowledge-based society of the 21st Century. It is the quality of higher education that decides the quality of human resources of the country. The present study is aimed at analysis and to highlight the status of higher education institution of the North-East and the steps adopted by these institutes for quality improvement since this region’s development is impeded by certain inherent difficulties. The result shows that the general infrastructural facilities are satisfactory, but considering the changing student needs, the facilities are inadequate. The Government has recognized the generation of local content as a priority sector for investment, infrastructure development and promotion.


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