Comparative Study of the Attitudes of Education and Non-Education Students Towards the Teaching Profession in Gomal University, Pakistan

Muhammad Kamran, Edward Abasimi, Rao Congman


This article is based on a study that examined and compared the attitudes of students from education discipline versus other disciplines (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and others) of Gomal University towards the teaching profession in Pakistan. The design of the study was quantitative survey. A sample of 292 students (178 males & 114 females) participated in the study. The findings of the study showed that the attitudes of the students towards the teaching profession were generally positive. However, surprisingly no significant differences in attitudes were found with regards to gender but significant difference in attitudes of students offering Education and students who offered other disciplines (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and others) were found towards the teaching profession. Students offering Education reported the most positive attitudes and those with the least positive attitudes were those who offered “other” courses. The other courses are courses other than Chemistry and physics. Implications of the study have been discussed.


Attitude, Teaching Profession, students of education, students of other disciplines

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