Changing trends in education of health sciences. An overview

Dr. Amitha M. Hegde, Dr.Y. Rajmohan Shetty, Dr. Adrija Kar


Education earlier was more of an observation and blind acquisition of knowledge from the teacher to the student rather, from the leader to the follower. Over the years, researches, classroom teaching, practical exercises took over observational  strategies and recently evidence based learning, e-learning, problem based learning, biomedical informetics are becoming more prevalent. This review paper intends to discuss the various changes in the field of education of medical and health sciences, the various assessment methods in medical sciences and their effect. The use of technology and various methods of learning in support of education is not, therefore, a causal or engineered set of practices ,rather, it requires creativity and adaptability in response to the specific and changing contexts in which it is used and therefore should be implemented carefully.

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