Substance abuse among youths at Guwahati City, Assam (India): Major Instigator and Socio-demographic Factors

Himakshi Goswami


Substance abuse especially amongst youth has been an issue of concern throughout the world. Rapid industrialization, urbanization and changing life styles have left the youth struggling for their survival; forcing many to seek refuge in the dark world of substance abuse. India too, is facing a similar situation that has attracted attention of policy makers and recent researcher in recent past.  Objective: The study is carried out with the objectives- a) to find out the pattern of substance abuse b) to find out the Major Instigators of Substance abuse among youths.  c) To study the socio-demographic profile of the Substance abused youths Method: Descriptive survey method was selected for the study. Purposive sampling was used for selection of sample for the study. Tools: A self-structured questionnaire elicited information regarding socio-demographic profile of the respondent as well as details of substance abuse were prepared. A total of 100 substance abused youths were interviewed from three rehabilitation centers situated in Guwahati city. Result: For fun and amusement was found to be the main instigator factor for drug abuse among youths. The substance abused youth was more in urban areas than rural areas. Alcohol and heroin was found to be main substance abused by the youths. Majority of drug abused youth in the age group of 18 to 21 years and their educational qualification predominantly Class XI – XII standard.


Substance, abuse and youth

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