A Study of Nature and Process of Media Convergence in the Hindi Newspaper Industry in India

Dr. Anurag Dave


India is one of the few newspaper markets in the world that is showing a climbing graph, especially due to rapid growth of the Hindi newspapers. But the attention and time spent by the consumers is splitting among the various media options available to them to obtain information and entertainment. The revenue from the advertisement is directly related to the numbers of audience one has. Therefore, the Hindi newspaper houses are strengthening their presence across media channels. At the same time the Hindi newspapers are involved in the process of convergence that is enabling them to target their audience with specific content through multiple channels. On other side they are providing different options and choices to the advertisers to reach their target customers in the best manner. The research has found that the convergence model that one encountered generally are different from the convergence model that has emerged in the Hindi newspapers.  


Hindi Newspapers, Convergence, Cross-ownership, Multiple-editions, Multiple-publications, Multiple- channels.

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