• Dr. Bendangyapangla Associate Professor, State College of Teacher Education, Kohima
  • Mr. Tepusa Kiso Assistant. Professor, State College of Teacher Education, Kohima


Creative Teaching, Type of Management, Attitude, Gender, Level of Teaching, Streams, Age and Experience


Creative teaching is making learning more fun, exciting, and interesting for the students. A creative teacher is open to new ideas and uses a variety of teaching methods and techniques in teaching-learning. Creative teachers present the content in a way that is unique and authentic, giving a totally different experience to learners. A creative teacher encourages original and divergent thinking, generates curiosity to learn, and nourishes creativity in students. To impart 21st century skills, creative teaching is essential and having a positive attitude toward creative teaching is the first step towards using creativity in the teaching-learning process. The present study is aimed at finding the attitude of school teachers toward Creative Teaching with regard to gender, type of management, level of teaching, age, streams and teaching experience. The study conducted on a sample size of 72 teachers revealed that there was no significant difference in the attitude towards creative teaching between Male and Female; Private and Government; Graduate Teachers and Post Graduate Teachers; 35 years of age and above, and below 35 years of age; and with respect to teaching experience among school teachers. However, it was found that there was a significant difference in the attitude towards creative teaching between Arts and Science school teachers. The study also revealed that majority of the teachers had an average level of attitude towards creative teaching.


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