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NEP 2020, Skill Development, Vocational Education, VET, Challenges


After independence, the one who made policies in India showed up their ability and capability to use vocational education in order to gain money and a training as this is the overall solution for the problem of unemployment and an outcome it kept this policy alive considering it the most important one even in today's generation. Recently, NEP (National Education Policy 2020), announced that minimum 50% of their students must get vocational education and training (VET) by the year 2025. So in order to pass this mission, the NEP proposed different kinds of rules and regulation and changes for their students. But many Scholars showed up their negativity by asking that how far will there rules and regulations made for the students would help them in achieving their desired objects. The goal of the current investigation was to thoroughly investigate the policy's approach to VET. The study identified various needs that are essential for meeting the challenges that must be overcome in VET can help you achieve your goals as proposed in NEP, and lastly, looking ahead settlement and India's VET development process. This was supported by a thorough desktop examination of a significant the volume of books and the websites of organizations involved in VET.


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