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Learning Music, Benefits, School, Children


Music has become increasingly popular with the younger generations. Recent research has proven that learning music is beneficial to young children, improving their cognitive, physical, mental, and social abilities. However, despite these benefits, schools have not aligned their curricula to include established music lessons or programs in order to support and enhance the mainstream learning process. The following study explores the benefits of learning music for young children and why introducing a developed music program into the school curriculum would be advantageous to them. The data for this study was collected through interviews with early childhood music teachers and parents, along with observations and inferences from the articles published by other authors. The resulting data showed that music is in fact beneficial for young children in particular. Their cognitive abilities, such as memory, problem-solving skills, concentration, and literacy skills, as well as their physical abilities, such as motor skills, control, and coordination, are improved. Recent research also found that singing helps children expand their vocabulary and can expose them to new languages and cultures. In addition, music provides them with a medium to express themselves while forming connections with the people and their surroundings. Hence one can rightfully conclude that learning music as a part of the school curriculum is the most significant means of benefiting young children and helping them develop and grow by enhancing their cognitive, physical, mental, and social skills.


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